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Dear Mr. Pruitt: On this we can agree (I think.)

Dear Mr. Pruitt, With Trump’s proposed budget, looks like you could use some support. We disagree about climate change so I won’t go there, but you have said that cleanup of contaminated sites was a priority, and it looks like hundreds of millions of dollars for haz-waste cleanup could be axed. So, since I’ve been […]

Dear Mr. Pruitt, let’s talk about lead.

Dear Mr. Pruitt, Last week I wrote to you about DDT. This week let’s consider lead. Like DDT, another jaw-dropper for my environmental toxicology undergrads. You may not remember leaded gasoline. It was phasing out just as you were probably hitting the road. But I do, and I remember feeling good about asking for “unleaded” at […]

Dear Mr. Pruitt, today we talked about DDT

Dear Mr. Pruitt, I teach an introductory environmental toxicology class to undergraduate public health majors. Each week we talk about different issues from mercury to DDT and nanomaterials. And each week, inevitably, we talk about the EPA. I am a child of the 1960s, the age when it finally dawned on us that for all the […]

Science: applying the basics?

When I first met my husband, across the 500 gallon fiberglass fish tanks loaded with flounder swimming aimlessly in circles around the central drainpipe – I belittled his science. I was a toxicologist, studying the impacts of coastal pollution on our beloved winter flounder. He was an ecologist, studying as far as I could tell, […]

When the facts can’t speak for themselves

My generation of scientists, and those before us, were trained to stay in the lab. To publish in scientific journals. We learned to speak the language of science. A language that would show other scientists – we get it. We are now part of this somewhat exclusive community. To move into the public area was […]

Scientists: Why I Marched

Below is a collection of images from scientists who marched somewhere in the country on January 21, 2017. I had asked for a photo and a few words. Thank you to all who contributed. It’s nice to be in such good, positive company, these days. Feel free to send your photo and thoughts, and I […]

About twelve percent

Ok, I’ve had it. Too many times on the news, I’ve heard something like this, “after all, 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump.” Or, “42% of women voted for Trump.”  WRONG. What they mean of course is the percentage of those who actually voted. But too often that part is dropped. Like here in the New […]