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Lessons from the Flu

November 6, 2014 · by Emily Monosson ( first posted at Island Press Field Notes) Just the other day I sat politely as a graduate student at a local university gave her Toastmaster’s speech about the dangers of influenza vaccine. When I critiqued her speech, I refrained from inserting my opinion of the content, sticking […]

Unnatural Interview with Salon.Com

Recently had the opportunity to chat with Lindsey Abrams of Salon.com about Unnatural Selection book. Here is an excerpt from that interview: Abrams: How much time passed between the time when humans began to have this outsized effect on other organisms, and when we began to really understand the implications of that, or even that […]

Antibiotic resistant bacteria caught in flagrante delicto in wastewater treatment plants

I’ve been writing about antibiotic resistance from the perspective of rapid evolution. That totally drug resistant bacteria exist is scary enough. Now we find that even in places like sewage treatment plants designed to destroy the buggers, they are happily breeding away. A report out of Rice University this week describes research revealing survival and […]

Courtesy Cornell Creative Machines Lab

Robot Evolution: about as rapid as it gets?

This isn’t exactly evolution in response to chemicals – but could be argued that it is a rapidly evolving system! I wrote this article for AEON Magazine, a thoughtful and interesting online journal; but it touches upon some of the earliest “in silico” and then more recent attempts to understand the processes of evolution. In a […]

Nature’s chemical warfare: an evolving struggle

Cross posted from Island Press Field Notes The story of the black swallowtail and Queen Anne’s lace is really the story of one of the premier chemical defense systems known. These are the cytochrome P450s, or CYPs, and we now know there are thousands of different CYPs across all kingdoms of life. Every one of us relies […]

Evolvability a concept ISO definition

One of the more intriguing topics when it comes to evolution is the concept of “evolvability.” A concept now fairly well-accepted in the literature the earliest mention occurred only in the late 1980s.  Tracing the contemporary evolution of the term suggests some evolvability of the concept itself, with a mere 86 articles appearing in a […]