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A side of fries, hold the fungicide?

[Featured image: http://agriculture.by/blog/photo/igrushki-iz-kartoshki ] By sometime next fall, your side of fries might contain potatoes engineered to resist late blight: the fungus-like disease (caused by Phytophthora infestans) that can cause a once-healthy field to rot in the ground. But rather than turning up our noses at a genetically modified organism, we may want to consider the benefits of blight […]

GMO: The Times, They Are Misleading

The New York Times article, Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops  rightly argues that herbicide resistant GMOs haven’t reduced the use of chemicals on the farm. But by equating genetic modification with herbicide resistant plants, this article is misleading. Many of us agree there are problems with herbicide resistant plants, and that […]

A fantasy: could GMO gone awry have saved our climate?

“If we want to get away from pesticides we need GMO.” I’ve heard this in one form or another for the past half year from biologists working on pest control; extension agents working with farmers and even a book by an organic farmer and his plant pathologist/geneticist wife. Of course not all GMOs are created equally, and it’s an […]