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Can evolution save the Tassie Devil?

Tasmanian devils are odd enough. They are homely. Bite each other a lot. They are marsupials. And they live in a place that most of us have to look up on a map (OK if we’re from the U.S. that would be most places.)   That they are burdened by a truly transmissible cancer (one […]

Make America Great Again?

Somewhere during the 2016 election night I read that voters wanted to turn back the clock to the days when they imagined our country was great. Greater than they consider it to be today; a 1950’s America. You know, the pre-Civil Rights America when a woman’s place was in the kitchen and the bedroom. The […]

Cancer, the ultimate renegade?

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Walt Kelly, Pogo comics I have been writing about resistance to toxic chemicals. And though I have plenty of posts on other stuff, I have shied away from cancer, even though one of the biggest problems with treating cancer is resistance. Yet it is difficult to […]