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Masters of Evolution: the joke is on us?

 When I was a student of microbiology, the joke was that one day, microbes would once again rule the world. Perhaps it was no joke. Whether it is the impending total antibiotic resistance in gonorrhea, or the various strains of Staphylococcus aureus  from methicillin (MRSA)  to vancomycin  resistant strains (VRSA), and even methicillin sensitive staph which  seems to […]

Interesting News Feature: Joe Thornton, complexity, and the evolution of the steroid hormone receptors

Protein biochemist Joe Thornton has done some really cool work. Not only did he write Pandora’s Poison about chlorine use, toxicity and current regulatory policy but more recently he’s shed some light on evolution of the estrogen receptor. In doing so Thornton provides a great example of why we ought to pay attention to evolution […]

Welcome to Evolution in a Toxic World

In our rapidly changing chemical world, where a steady stream of new chemicals enter into the environment each year, there is no better way to understand our current chemical predicament than to explore the evolutionary history of life’s response to toxic chemicals. As a toxicologist I’ve wondered how our bodies react to chemicals, whether they […]