“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Walt Kelly, Pogo comics I have been writing about resistance to toxic chemicals. And though I have plenty of posts on other stuff, I have shied away from cancer, even though one of the biggest problems with treating cancer is resistance. Yet it is difficult to […]


Reposted from Whole Terrain with permission; and from Island Press Field Notes We are a chemically-addicted society. I am not talking caffeine, alcohol, or painkillers–although there is plenty of that–but chemicals designed to kill. Of the nearly 37 million pounds of antibiotics used in the United States each year, some 7 million pounds are ingested […]


There are many ways we influence evolution in contemporary time, or in our lifetime. While I have been focused on how we influence the process by way of the chemicals we use, life evolves in response to fishing, hunting, driving, and now there is evidence that life is evolving in response to climate change. No […]

One of the questions that became apparent while writing Unnatural Selection was, could the risk of evolution become part of the regulatory process? Here is a bit of a Wall Street Journal article by Jacob Bunge reporting on EPA’s attempt to reign in evolution in response to rootworm-resistant corn (i.e. Bt corn.) A product that […]


(Cross posted from Island Press Field Notes) (Not exactly toxic stuff, and only a little evolution!)   We trail a band of French women. We are on our way to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park and they are making a racket, singing loudly. Though we revel in Nature’s music—a bird call, the rush of […]

Years ago, before the world thought about “endocrine disruptors” as a broad category of chemicals that turned the reproductive lives of animals and possibly humans upside down, I was just learning about the receptors that were fooled by those chemicals. Receptors that combined with plastics and pesticides and plant products rather than the proper male […]


In case you missed it, there’s some positive news on the rapid evolution front. We all know that HIV the virus that causes AIDS is a master of evolution. Rapidly evolving in response to both drugs and the human immune response. Yet after battling it out over several decades at the cost of too many human lives, […]


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