When flu is on the rise, so too is the quantity of information and misinformation spread about in coffee shops, school cafeterias, or online. Kids tell their friends that the vaccine is lethal, and websites warn of government conspiracies. (I know, mild stuff compared with the fake-news and falsehoods flying around the airwaves.) Aside from […]


A toddler suddenly becomes deathly ill. In the ER she is diagnosed with dysentery, caused by a rare but particularly aggressive form of Salmonella. One antibiotic after another fails because the strain, picked up when her family was traveling across parts of Asia, resists multiple antibiotics; but there is an alternative new drug. Like a […]


Somewhere during the 2016 election night I read that voters wanted to turn back the clock to the days when they imagined our country was great. Greater than they consider it to be today; a 1950’s America. You know, the pre-Civil Rights America when a woman’s place was in the kitchen and the bedroom. The […]


The New York Times article, Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops  rightly argues that herbicide resistant GMOs haven’t reduced the use of chemicals on the farm. But by equating genetic modification with herbicide resistant plants, this article is misleading. Many of us agree there are problems with herbicide resistant plants, and that […]


Cross-posted on Sci-on-the-Fly hosted by AAAS Science and Engineering Policy Fellows “Dear List, does anyone have access to this article?” A simple request posted to a list serve of scientists and policy makers. Someone suggested she try Sci-Hub; another sheepishly suggested #icanhazpdf.com; until someone else pointed out the illegality of those sites. One essentially suggested the […]


My first response to the recent NYT article about the sugar industry’s complicity in making fat, rather than sugar the focus of our nutritional ire is duh. My second is again? This is why people distrust science. Read the article. It’s sadly nothing new or surprising.


Ok, this is totally cool so a quick post. Watch bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics. It is a time-lapse video  (click the video on the NPR site, the video and study was recently published in Science Magazine by Roy Kishony and others) that is a beautiful and powerful demonstration of Nature and evolution in action.