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We were closing in on the end of a glorious spring weekend when my husband discovered the bag. “Any chance you left this lying around — empty?” he’d asked holding the remnants of a one pound bag of Trader Joe’s raisins I’d purchased just the day before with images of molasses filled hermit cookies in […]


Recent studies suggesting that we each have our own microbiome fingerprints  and studies of the microbiome’s potential to influence our behavior have prompted a group of scientists at OneF Pharma to investigate the utility of microbiome fingerprints for determining personality traits. “Imagine the potential,” says Jody Smith, a researcher for the company, “crime scenes, job personality tests, even – as we […]

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In light of the fuss over Robert Di Niro and the movie Vaxxed; if anyone needs reminding of the value of vaccines, take a look at this diagram of 20th Century Death (click here for a larger version and slide on over to the right. These are estimates as they say but even so the numbers are humbling.) […]

Cross-posted from Island Press With more and more cases of Zika virus being reported, some experts are calling for the use of DDT to combat the mosquitoes that transmit it. We asked Emily Monosson, author of Unnatural Selection and Evolution in a Toxic World to weigh in on the proposed use of pesticides, and what else we can do to […]

If you are just a little bit curious and don’t want to shell out for the hard copy (or, the paperback which is coming soon to a dealer new you!) here is a chance to take a look at Unnatural Selection for cheap! For the month of February Island Press is offering Unnatural Selection for $3.99! […]

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“If we want to get away from pesticides we need GMO.” I’ve heard this in one form or another for the past half year from biologists working on pest control; extension agents working with farmers and even a book by an organic farmer and his plant pathologist/geneticist wife. Of course not all GMOs are created equally, and it’s an […]


Ok, so this is nothing new. We’ve been hearing about returning to the “pre-antibiotic” era for years now. So when I first heard the news news out of China, about resistance to polymyxin antibiotics (a resistance found in both food animals treated with the stuff, and patients hospitalized with infections) I wondered why all the fuss over […]


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