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“If we want to get away from pesticides we need GMO.” I’ve heard this in one form or another for the past half year from biologists working on pest control; extension agents working with farmers and even a book by an organic farmer and his plant pathologist/geneticist wife. Of course not all GMOs are created equally, and it’s an […]


Ok, so this is nothing new. We’ve been hearing about returning to the “pre-antibiotic” era for years now. So when I first heard the news news out of China, about resistance to polymyxin antibiotics (a resistance found in both food animals treated with the stuff, and patients hospitalized with infections) I wondered why all the fuss over […]


I’ve been writing about how technology informed by ecology can help save both food and medicine, leading us to better ways to fend of pest and pathogen.  But today was a twofer for ancient remedies. One throwback garnered a Nobel for Medicine or Physiology for Youyou Tu who, after “investigating thousands” of chemicals in search […]

For article see Metagenomics Mashup.

We live in an age of pesticide and antibiotic overuse. One outcome is resistance, increasing pesticide use and contamination and fears that we are entering the “post-antibiotic era”. We are addicted to all sorts of commercial chemicals. So what’s next? How do we break the cycle? While industry may see opportunities for newer and more powerful chemicals, there’s another […]

And now time for a little shameless self-promotion (although this goes for all Island e-books as well and I really do like Island Press.) So if you are just a little bit curious and don’t want to shell out for the hard copy – here is a chance to take a look for cheap! Through […]

From http://www.longislandhort.cornell.edu/vegpath/photos/lateblight_tomato.htm#images

The first inkling that things were really bad was the news that late blight had not only wilted and rotted my own tomatoes but Red Fire Farm’s (Montague, Massachusetts) as well. Farmer Ryan Voiland has been growing and selling tomatoes since middle school, setting up a road-side stand outside his parent’s home. A decade or […]


The other day a friend asked if it was true that the herbicide Roundup (or glyphosate) caused celiac disease. My knee-jerk response was that these days Roundup is blamed for everything from celiac to cancer.  Adding that, as the top selling herbicide in part thanks to genetically modified crops (it was pretty lucrative before GMOs as well), it’s […]


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