Cross-posted on Sci-on-the-Fly hosted by AAAS Science and Engineering Policy Fellows “Dear List, does anyone have access to this article?” A simple request posted to a list serve of scientists and policy makers. Someone suggested she try Sci-Hub; another sheepishly suggested; until someone else pointed out the illegality of those sites. One essentially suggested the […]


My first response to the recent NYT article about the sugar industry’s complicity in making fat, rather than sugar the focus of our nutritional ire is duh. My second is again? This is why people distrust science. Read the article. It’s sadly nothing new or surprising.


Ok, this is totally cool so a quick post. Watch bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics. It is a time-lapse video  (click the video on the NPR site, the video and study was recently published in Science Magazine by Roy Kishony and others) that is a beautiful and powerful demonstration of Nature and evolution in action.


“We’re toast!” writes an immunologist friend who sends along a link to Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. It is an article about antibiotic resistance. But it’s not just another article about the spread of nasty bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics. She doesn’t bother with those anymore. This time it’s about dust and the antimicrobials that the FDA […]

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We were closing in on the end of a glorious spring weekend when my husband discovered the bag. “Any chance you left this lying around — empty?” he’d asked holding the remnants of a one pound bag of Trader Joe’s raisins I’d purchased just the day before with images of molasses filled hermit cookies in […]


Recent studies suggesting that we each have our own microbiome fingerprints  and studies of the microbiome’s potential to influence our behavior have prompted a group of scientists at OneF Pharma to investigate the utility of microbiome fingerprints for determining personality traits. “Imagine the potential,” says Jody Smith, a researcher for the company, “crime scenes, job personality tests, even – as we […]

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In light of the fuss over Robert Di Niro and the movie Vaxxed; if anyone needs reminding of the value of vaccines, take a look at this diagram of 20th Century Death (click here for a larger version and slide on over to the right. These are estimates as they say but even so the numbers are humbling.) […]