Here is a little toxic love. For the past few weeks, as I wrote earlier I’ve been depressing my ecotoxicology students with the state of the, well, toxic state. So I was happy to learn about how individual states are now picking up the slack to protect their citizens. It’s true that states can set […]

Bad news sells, and I am just as guilty as those who fill our news feed with murder, mayhem and whatever’s happening in D.C. But I tend to focus on the toxic stuff (the real toxic stuff not the trendy stuff like: toxic love, toxic bosses and toxic work places). The stuff that ought to […]

One year later, still need the hat. Maybe even more so. ***************************************** Below is a collection of images from scientists who marched somewhere in the country on January 21, 2017. I had asked for a photo and a few words. Thank you to all who contributed. It’s nice to be in such good, positive company, […]

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I wondered what ever happened to Trump’s so-called Commission on Vaccine Safety proposed last year around this time. Fortunately the commission which seemed geared up to call vaccine safety into question (headed as it would have been by vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr, seems to have stalled…

I had contemplated making a top ten list of 2017’s most toxic hits. But that would be depressing. This is just one year…or four. We won’t know just how far this administration can turn back the toxics protection clock, but for almost fifty or so years despite our constant worry about eating conventional berries or […]

Happy Holiday Season! While shopping in our small but struggling to reemerge old mill town, I was happy to support a new local clothing store. Happy enough to drop more than I usually would on leggings and a flannel tunic – but it was local! The leggings were recycled! The flannel was…well, cute. I felt […]

Yesterday I read of a meningitis B outbreak at Oregon State University. Today, it’s the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. MenB is a potentially lethal and easily spread infection particularly in settings where young adults gather together. As the university races to vaccinate tens of thousands of students, my thoughts turn to our daughter, […]