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Dear Scott Pruitt: Is this Atrazine’s DDT moment?

Dear Mr. Pruitt, I imagine there must be some angst these days about Atrazine.  With the 2016 EPA reevaluation concluding that the herbicide isn’t as safe as we all once thought, I am sure growers and consumers are anxious about which way the agency will swing: to ban or not to ban.  Admittedly, back in […]

Evolution is just warming up

There are many ways we influence evolution in contemporary time, or in our lifetime. While I have been focused on how we influence the process by way of the chemicals we use, life evolves in response to fishing, hunting, driving, and now there is evidence that life is evolving in response to climate change. No […]

Some use for “old genes” in a modern world?

Ever since a couple of colleagues and I foolishly thought we could actually transplant caged killifish in the wilds of New Jersey —  a contaminated Newark backwater to be more exact (within a week the fish were gone, cages and all – stolen) I’ve been interested in the incredibly resistant little minnow. Not only can it withstand […]