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Achoo misinformed?

When flu is on the rise, so too is the quantity of information and misinformation spread about in coffee shops, school cafeterias, or online. Kids tell their friends that the vaccine is lethal, and websites warn of government conspiracies. (I know, mild stuff compared with the fake-news and falsehoods flying around the airwaves.) Aside from […]

Lessons from the Flu

November 6, 2014 · by Emily Monosson ( first posted at Island Press Field Notes) Just the other day I sat politely as a graduate student at a local university gave her Toastmaster’s speech about the dangers of influenza vaccine. When I critiqued her speech, I refrained from inserting my opinion of the content, sticking […]

Flu in view

If there is one health care issue politicians in DC have managed to agree upon it is the importance of flu shots (although, where we get them and who pays is a different story.)  During flu season, whether in coffee shops, school cafeterias or online, everyone it seems, is an expert. We hear about who’s […]