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Changing the world gene by gene

Here’s the skinny: evolution is happening all the time, all around us. Living things are like one roiling mass of DNA. OK, so that’s a little over the top. But DNA is far more dynamic than once believed, and our use of toxic chemicals — from antibiotics to pesticides — is making this abundantly clear. […]

Brady holding a handful of salamander eggs

A selection from: Unnatural Selection

Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote pulling together some of the research on contemporary evolution in vertebrates for an interesting new magazine, AEON, focusing on ideas, culture and sciences, hope you enjoy it! In the hemlock and oak forests of northeastern Connecticut, Steve Brady stood thigh deep in black muck and scooped […]

Evolution: it’s humanly possible

When discussion turns to the rapid evolution of resistance in response to toxic chemicals, inevitably someone has to ask, “So, what about us? Can we evolve our way out of this mess?”  Years ago, one might have responded with a smart remark about microbes and mosquitoes inheriting the earth. Now, as we enter a new […]