Evolution in a toxic world

How life responds to chemical threats

Motherhood the Elephant in the Laboratory

Essays about science and life by thirty-four scientist moms (and a couple of prospective science moms.)


“Women trying to squeeze a career and family duties into one 24-hour day will gain much affirmation from this collection of essays. The writers, who all balance science careers and motherhood, provide a fascinating insight into a world too often kept hidden. For those without children it should come with a health warning: the juggling and compromises these women have learned to live with may add up to a sobering reality check for those who still think they can have it all. For some it may prove a powerful contraceptive.” New Scientist, June 2008
 “In these heartrending essays, women who are well-trained and well-situated in science detail the compromises they have made in order to raise children and be scientists. . . . The women who succeed—and there are many in this volume—are those whose partners take an equal share of the responsibility for raising a family and making the household function.” American Scientist
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