Evolution in a toxic world

How life responds to chemical threats

Evolution in a toxic world, the book

How life evolved in response to toxic chemicals and what that means for the study of toxicology

evolution in a toxic world

“Exceedingly detailed and thoroughly researched treatise? Monosson’s prose is necessarily complex as she gives her subject its scientific due, but for those who seek a thorough understanding of this timely issue, she offers a text solidly grounded in both history and contemporary analysis. Patient readers will be well rewarded.” Booklist

“This book really made me love evolutionary biology” Toxicology Student Association blog

“This book is utterly fascinating, covering all sorts of toxins from the beginning of life on Earth, and continuing through modern times and predicting what the future may hold.” The Guardian GrrlScientist blog

For more about the book and book reviews see: http://islandpress.org/ip/books/book/islandpress/E/bo8078594.html


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