Evolution in a toxic world

How life responds to chemical threats



The chemicals we use from antibiotics to pesticides and industrial chemicals  influence evolution of living things from disease causing bacteria to bugs, even fish. These are the unintended consequences for both humans and the environment of chemicals we once though could be used with impunity. For reviews and more information go HERE

toxic world image

All of life is chemical. But not all chemicals are compatible with life.  Since their earliest origins, cells have excluded, transformed and excreted toxic chemicals. Toxicology is the study of these responses, and it has deep evolutionary roots. This book is for anyone interested in evolution and toxicology and how life responds to modern day chemicals. More HERE


Not quite toxicology or evolution, but a heartfelt book of essays by 34 women scientists who chose career paths to suit their lives as mothers. From NASA to the playground. This is not another “leaky pipeline” book; it is way more than that. These women haven’t leaked out of science but rather made their own way. More HERE


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