Evolution in a toxic world

How life responds to chemical threats

Science News&Analysis: Darwinian Medicine’s Drawn-out Dawn

The following is an interesting article published in Science about efforts that  began roughly two-decades ago to better integrate evolutionary though into medicine. It relates a good deal of activity ongoing today from meetings focused on evolutionary medicine, to high-school curriculum introducing students to the role of evolution in health and disease.

Darwinian Medicine’s Drawn-Out Dawn by Elizabeth Pennisi (Science, 334:1486-1487)

“Twenty years ago, a pair of evolutionary biologists began urging physicians to embrace evolutionary thinking to better understand why we get sick. About 30 courses on evolutionary medicine, as the field is known, are now being taught in universities; two journals are in the works; the U.S. National Institutes of Health is about to unveil new high school curricula incorporating evolutionary medicine; and more parts of the medical community are recognizing its potential for providing a holistic framework for their increasingly specialized field. But it has been a long slog to get to this point, and proponents say there is still a long way to go.”


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