Evolution in a toxic world

[Updated June, 2018. There’s good news as a new vaccine recently showed positive results for the first phase of testing – human safety – and is now on to the next – efficacy. Here is an info graphic if you are curious about how drugs make it to market.]

When the neighborhood chit chat inevitably ends up talking ticks, Lyme, and pesticides – you know there’s a problem. A big problem. A 300,000 cases of Lyme a year kind of problem. Which may not seem like a lot, until you look at a map and realize most of these are here in the Northeast U.S. Although according to this interactive map, in Massachusetts, the incidence is higher in some eastern regions, rather than here in the “midwestern” part of the state.  That said, if you are bitten, you can send your little friend to UMass, TickReport and…

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