Happy late spring and early summer! Now that it’s fruit and vegetable season, this article, The Truth About Organic Produce and Pesticides by Tamar Haspel is particularly relevant. Haspel explores why the number and amount of pesticide residues measured in both organic and conventional fruits and vegetables, are surprisingly similar (in number and concentration – though obviously of a different chemical nature.)

moth trap new

It’s also a good time to suggest some of my favorite pheromones: moth pheromones for use in pantry and closet! Tired of finding holes in my favorite sweaters (even after washing, bagging, and cedar wood) I gave moth traps a try.  Not only did the sweaters survive the onslaught, but in the pantry, the flour, nuts and dried fruits that usually end up with stringy webs and wormy larvae made it through summer pest free!  I found traps for pantry and clothes moths at the local Farmer’s Coop and Amazon.

My dog-walking pants.

And one last thing. It is of course that time of year again.  Lyme carrying ticks are out and about, and sometimes you have to weigh any concerns about pesticides with the risks of not using them. With Lyme on the rise along with a slew of other tick-borne ills, at least here in the Northeast, I’m reaching for the pesticide. One way to reduce having to rely on deet (though I do at times) is to treat clothing. Apparently according to the University of Rhode Island’s TickEncounter site, treating your clothes with permethrin spray makes those ticks drop right off.  They’ve even got a video about treating your clothes.  Enjoy!