This stuff unfortunately, never gets old.

Evolution in a toxic world

I wondered what ever happened to Trump’s so-called Commission on Vaccine Safety proposed last year around this time. Fortunately the commission which seemed geared up to call vaccine safety into question (headed as it would have been by vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr, seems to have stalled out.  20161216_160831 Hopefully it’ll stay that way. But he’s not the only well-known skeptic. I love Oprah, and really liked her Golden Globes speech, but she’s got her flaws, and supporting vaccine skeptics like Jenny McCarthy is one of them as discussed here in Mother Jones.

I’ve been writing about vaccines for a few years in different contexts. Below is an excerpt from Natural Defense. The book is about how we can reduce our dependence on drugs and chemicals like pesticides, by relying on natural allies. One of those allies is our own immune response, this excerpt from a chapter about tech advances…

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