Saved by Microbes?

Written two years ago, as I was just beginning to write Natural Defense. Now that it is done, I am hopeful. There is some really innovative science and technology that will help doctors and growers cut back on the chemicals and work with Nature rather than against.

Evolution in a toxic world

For article see Metagenomics Mashup.For article see Metagenomics Mashup.

We live in an age of pesticide and antibiotic overuse. One outcome is resistance, increasing pesticide use and contamination and fears that we are entering the “post-antibiotic era”. We are addicted to all sorts of commercial chemicals.

So what’s next? How do we break the cycle? While industry may see opportunities for newer and more powerful chemicals, there’s another way out.

We need to rethink our strategy. One of the most promising and exciting (the newest-oldest solution) is allying with Nature. The metagenomics boom is bringing to light microbes by the billions. More of them good than “bad.” For over a century, we have narrowed our focus on the pathogens. One disease after another: C. diff, MRSA, Borrelia in our bodies and Late blights, early blights, wilts and rots in our fields. But now agricultural and medical scientists for the first time ever are becoming acquainted with Earth’s microbiome

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