Resistance rising in a truth-challenged country

Scientists, journalists, and citizens, we are all frustrated and at wits end trying to understand how a country that was once a leader in science and technology, can so quickly devolve into one those truth-challenged countries we used to scoff at.  We wring our hands, what to do? How can we help? But there are glimmers of hope; organizations that won’t be twittered into submission. One is the Union of Concerned Scientists that is devoted to keeping what seems to be a sputtering flame of truth alive. Below is an excerpt from a recent blog by Erica Springer-Siegfried titled, Lies Hurt. Facts Matter. And So Does Resistance:

Any observer of truth will tell you that 2016 is a lie-soaked lost cause. Will 2017 see a pro-truth resistance? We’d better see to it.

We, the people, can be forgiven for some angst over the free-falling role of truth in our democracy.

We all took civics in school. We know democracy depends on reason and truth. So when your president-elect peddles conspiracy theories and continues to promote lies just weeks before his inauguration, you break a sweat. When he taps a climate denier to be the head of the agency tasked with solving climate change, you try not to panic. And when he taps the CEO of the world’s largest oil company to be our nation’s leading diplomat amidst the global climate crisis, you try not to break things.

But the truth, for all the abuse its taking, isn’t going anywhere soon.

Not only does reality function on facts, but a broad pushback against disinformation and outright lies is starting to take shape, driven by people from across American life who value reason and truth too much to put up with the foolishness. The madness, really.

It gives me hope that we can resist this descent and turn it around.

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