Toxic Administration! A blockbuster, coming to a town near you!

Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator? The guy who will soon be in charge of protecting our air,water and land signed on to this statement as Oklahoma  Attorney General in 2014:

“…This administration has given us plenty of opportunity to litigate those matters in regards to energy, the environment, and health care and that is what is driving us, nothing more or nothing less….

“It should come as no surprise that I am working diligently with Oklahoma energy companies, the people of Oklahoma and the majority of attorneys general to fight the unlawful overreach of the EPA and other federal agencies. This administration’s effort to impose anti-fossil fuel policies are short-sighted, and unconstitutional and I will continue to fight the administration’s unconstitutional maneuvers at every step of the way...”

(Which makes one wonder, can you sue yourself?)

A 2014 NYT article dug into Pruitt’s ties with big energy: check this out if you’ve got the stomach for it. We can only hope that plenty of cities, states, industries that have begun reaping the rewards of clean energy won’t have any need for the favors of Scott Pruitt.

Ah well, maybe one legacy of the next administration will be a slew of new jobs for toxicologists and environmental scientists. There may be a heck of a lot of cleaning up to be done.


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