Here are a few reviews of the new book, Unnatural Selection:

Publishers Weekly: The power of evolution, toxicologist Monosson (Evolution in a Toxic World) demonstrates, is quite amazing: when strong selective pressure is coupled with short generation times, significant changes in populations can occur over very brief intervals…..more here

National Nurse Magazine: This fascinating and thought-provoking book details how human developed evolutionary selection pressures—whether it be antibiotics, the herbicide Roundup, or a river poisoned by the toxic byproducts of industry—have fast-tracked the rise of highly resistant bacteria, weeds, bedbugs, fish, and even cancer cells…more here

LA Review of Books: IMAGINE an insecticide-soaked mattress crawling with bedbugs. You now have a metaphor for the future of our relationship to the living world. In the second half of the 20th century, synthetic pesticides all but eradicated the four-millimeter-long blood-sucking insects in the developed world. Today, those same poisons have little effect, and so, bedbugs have returned, lurking beneath mattresses and between bed frame slats — ready for dinner when we’re ready for sleep.

The case is no different for other bugs in our day-to-day life, as environmental toxicologist Emily Monosson details in Unnatural Selection: How We Are Changing Life, Gene By Gene (Island Press). Monosson surveys a world we have subjected to coordinated chemical warfare for the better part of a century, and finds life has evolved its way around our pesticides, antibiotics and chemotherapies….more here