Years ago, before the world thought about “endocrine disruptors” as a broad category of chemicals that turned the reproductive lives of animals and possibly humans upside down, I was just learning about the receptors that were fooled by those chemicals. Receptors that combined with plastics and pesticides and plant products rather than the proper male […]


In case you missed it, there’s some positive news on the rapid evolution front. We all know that HIV the virus that causes AIDS is a master of evolution. Rapidly evolving in response to both drugs and the human immune response. Yet after battling it out over several decades at the cost of too many human lives, […]

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Reposted from the Utne Reader. The following excerpt is from chapter 2, of Unnatural Selection, “Prevention: Searching for a Universal Vaccine.” How Does the Immune System Exert Selection Pressure? Our immune system is extraordinary. Like a 3-D printer on steroids, we create antibodies in response to trillions of novel antigens (which, by definition, are substances that elicit an […]


November 6, 2014 · by Emily Monosson ( first posted at Island Press Field Notes) Just the other day I sat politely as a graduate student at a local university gave her Toastmaster’s speech about the dangers of influenza vaccine. When I critiqued her speech, I refrained from inserting my opinion of the content, sticking […]


Recently had the opportunity to chat with Lindsey Abrams of about Unnatural Selection book. Here is an excerpt from that interview: Abrams: How much time passed between the time when humans began to have this outsized effect on other organisms, and when we began to really understand the implications of that, or even that […]

Unnatural selection

Here are a few reviews of the new book, Unnatural Selection: Publishers Weekly: The power of evolution, toxicologist Monosson (Evolution in a Toxic World) demonstrates, is quite amazing: when strong selective pressure is coupled with short generation times, significant changes in populations can occur over very brief intervals…..more here National Nurse Magazine: This fascinating and thought-provoking book […]

Unnatural selection

The following is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for The Scientist and just published! The book Unnatural Selection, will be in print by the end of the month. My sister-in-law, the doctor, was losing her mind. She awoke every morning to oozy-itchy bites. At first she’d thought it was fleas, courtesy of the family pets, […]


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